18650 Rechargeable Battery

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18650 Battery 3400mAh

  • The OrcaTorch new generation 18650 3400mAh Li-ion battery is rechargeable with protection circuit in the anode so it can be fully covered with steel shell and eliminate potential risk of short circuit caused by collision and impact.One 18650 battery can be recharged for more than 500 times.

  • Featuring

    * 3.7V,11.1Wh

    * Weight: 47g

    * Size: 18.6(Diameter) x 69mm(Length)

    * 3400mAh large-capacity

    * New generation with protection circuit in the anode

    * Over 500 times full charging cycles

    * Environmental friendly and low cost

18650 USB Battery 3400mAh

  • OrcaTorch USB direct charging 18650 lithium battery use quality Panasonic cell, 3400mAh capacity and 500 times charge-discharge function. Patent USB direct charging function and charging indicator function, it is convenient to use while traveling.

  • Featuring

    * 3.7V, 12.6Wh

    * Weight: 49g

    * Size: 18.5(Diameter) x 70mm(Length)

    * 3400mAh large-capacity

    * Micro USB charging design

    * Can be Charged by various devices

    * Two color LED indicator shows charging status

    * Uses Panasonic cell, 500 charge cycles

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