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History of OMS - Ocean Management Systems

Ocean Management Systems Inc. - commonly known as OMS, was founded in 1991 in Montgomery, New York. Its founder and president was John M. Griffiths.

Thanks to the implementation of highly advanced technology, OMS has revolutionized the diving market both at the recreational and technical level. The company focused on investing in the quality and modernization of professional diving equipment, influencing the safety and awareness of the diver throughout the time he is underwater, at every stage of the dive.

OMS has also built its position on investing in the production of steel cylinders, patented displacement systems as well as systems and types of harnesses. The above mentioned OMS products and many others, have been and still are known and recognized in the international diving industry, thanks to innovative designs and high strength and thus long life and durability of the equipment.

Throughout its history, Ocean Management Systems Inc. has expanded and found further significant distributors of its equipment in the country and internationally. Growing demand for diving equipment and the recognition of the OMS brand allowed it to develop over the years and thus improve the prosperity of the company.

After 23 years of OMS management, John M. Griffiths decided to withdraw from the business, which resulted in the first meeting between the companies and their CEOs - Thomas Dederichs, DUI - Susan Long, Dick Long and CCR - Robert Jabłoński. The next meeting in May 2014 was aimed at further negotiations and establishing the details of the agreement and acquisition of OMS. In August 2014 the company was officially taken over by the new company Ocean Management Systems GmbH based in Moenchengladbach.

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