Cressi Atelier ITACA Ultra Dry - Clear/Blue Metal

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The Itaca Ultra Dry snorkel features at the top end an internationally patented dry guard, which prevents water entry while using it on the surface in any position.

The new mechanical device has three movement joints, whose counterweight ensures immediate opening of the upper valve whether you dive or emerge from the water.

The lower part is equipped on the inner side with a smooth flexible corrugated section, which keeps the aerator away from the mouth while using any breathing apparatus.

The mouthpiece, made of soft silicone, has an angle studied in a particularly ergonomic way, with a reduced bite size for prolonged use without gum fatigue. The mouthpiece body consists of two pieces, with an inclination that ensures better and faster water drainage. A lower purge valve enables instant clearing when needed.

The transparent tube has a side reinforcement in colored rubber.

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