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CALIBRO is the perfect mask for diving.

This mask has a particular tapered structure deriving directly from the highly popular patented Nano mask: IDF-INTEGRATED DUAL FRAME TECHNOLOGY SYSTEM.

CALIBRO enjoys a conglomerate of technical advantages that Cressi has been incorporating in recent seasons in various models. It combines a great technicality with a captivating design and medium proportions, both saddle and facial.


Its exclusive structure integrates the frame into the facial itself instead of superimposing it.

This exclusive construction system, which allows assembly without the need for gluing, reduces thicknesses to the absolute minimum, thus improving the internal volume, visibility and adaptation of the mask. It reduces its weight to a total of 118 g and gives it the structural rigidity of a traditional mask with the advantages of a mask without a frame. In addition, it improves the watertightness of the mask, eliminates any possibility of uncomfortable contact of the frame with the forehead and eliminates any view of the central area of the frame from the inside.


FOG STOP System.

A thin silicone membrane placed around the nose acts as a deflector so that the warm air coming from the nose when compensating the external pressure is not directed directly to the crystals reducing the tendency to fog commonly found in small volume masks.

Cressi suggests the use of anti-fog solution or saliva inside the lens and rinsing with water to further improve the anti-fog effect.

This membrane also has the function of stabilizing the mask on the face, which is firmly anchored, regardless of possible movements of the face or effect of pressure variations.

Its facial optimizes dead spaces and reduces the internal volume to only 85 cm³.

The glass/face distance has been reduced to such an extent that the face does not achieve the well-known suction effect, it simply sits on the face providing an optimal watertightness thanks to its design and the studied relation thickness / level of rigidity of the silicone.

The Big Eyes inclined glass system is prolonged by soft curved lines above the cheekbones, improving lower and lateral visibility that are practically unlimited.

The very fine frame and the studied fit with the delicate zone of the frontal bone optimize the superior visibility without damaging the capacity of adaptation.

The buckles anchored in the frame for optimum mask stability and a tension always to be determined by the user, are completely foldable and tilting in all directions.

Therefore, the possibility of breakage is almost nil.

This type of anchorage also improves the stability of the mask, since the tension of the strip is produced on a rigid element and the movements of the breathing tube or the face do not affect the face.


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