Cressi CARTESIO/NEON/GOA Computer-Interface

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Through the Cressi Interface application, the user can download and analyze on the MAC or PC, the dives data recorded on the dive computer. It is compatible with Goa, Cartesio and Neon dive computer watches.

The connection between the dive computer and PC (or MAC) is done using the Docking Station connected with the USB cable.

The Interface software allows to record and see the information of the scuba diving sessions and of the freediving sessions. It's possible to save a logbook with a memory of 50 dives per category.

The records are completed with two graphs showing the water pressure data (took every 5 seconds) and water temperature data (took every 5 seconds).

All the information can be uploaded to the DAN (Divers Alert Network).

  • Software downloadable from the website
  • Minimum requirements Windows 7 and OSX 10.10 (64 bit)
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