Cressi Octo XS

Artikelnummer: HX770098
Beschikbaarheid: Leverbaar
Levertijd: verzendklaar in: 1 a 2 weken


It has a body of the 2nd stage of traditional dimensions, made of technopolymers and a downstream delivery system with side valve (adjustable), simple and very reliable.

An injection duct that channels a flow of pilot air towards the nozzle enhances its performance.

The 2nd stage is equipped with a flow diverter that acts on the Venturi effect, with a dive/pre-dive function.

Moved to the (-) position, it works as a pre-dive, for entering in the water and for the initial phases of the dive, while moving it to the (+) position allows the regulator to develop maximum performance.

Constantly updated over the years, is a regulator that has many admirers in the world for its simplicity and robustness, which translate into practice in ease and low maintenance costs.

The performance is high and suitable for any type of diving.

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