XCel Thermoflex 4.5mm - Whale Shark - vrouw

Artikelnummer: WB54ELU1-10
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- ThermoBamboo
- UltraStretch Limestone Neoprene
- Traditional back zipper for extra easy on/off
- Adjustable Velcro Wrap Collar
- Ankle Zippers With Sealed Inner V Flaps
- Glued & Blindstitched Seams
- GlideSkin Wrist Seals
- DuraFlex Knee Panels

The ThermoFlex TB3 is Xcel's most well-known diving wetsuit series, featuring ThermoBamboo, an inner neoprene lining with performance and environmental benefits. A blend of bamboo charcoal fibers and recycled polyester fibers provides excellent heat retention and helps improve warmth. The 5/4mm ThermoFlex features TB3 in the whole suit together with Xcel's compression-resistant UltraStretch neoprene. The V Foam is the most lightweight, premium foam available and creates a significantly lighter, stretchier, and softer neoprene than standard foams. The result is a comfortable, lightweight neoprene and a tighter weave textile for less water absorption, better durability, and maximum stretch. The ThermoFlex TB3 is glued & blindstitched with easy on/off ankle zippers with sealed "V" shaped inner ankle flaps allow for extra easy access. SmoothSkin Wrist Seals are ''rolled'' SmoothSkin hems which keep wrists in place and water out. 

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